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I'm really likin' the community on the Art forums. There are guys who have been there for a while and give you tips and advices. Unfortunately, none of them posts on my threads. (Yeah, that was supposed to be a joke.) I'll keep posting more and MORE! Since my Draw a Rockstar thread had a good response, I'm motivated. But I still need a tablet :(

Gettin' used to ol' NG

2008-02-29 00:08:53 by pablo-caballero

Yay! Finally I move fairly well around this HUGE community that NewGrounds is, and I'm looking forward to fastly become an admin! :B
I'm also expecting my flash skills get better by asking TOO MUCH on the Flash Forums. Those guys rock!

Slash Painting

2008-02-25 00:09:09 by pablo-caballero

Yah. Thinking how to LEGALLY get around the ban, I tought i could post some artwork right here!


I'll put it up later at the forums ^-^

I did this with ArtRage 2.5 Starter's edition.

Slash Painting

Allright! My flash got banned! I consider it as an honor :D. Uploading flash is great!

I made a flash!

2008-02-24 21:17:05 by pablo-caballero

Yah. Check it out. It sucks balls, but it's gonna get blamed, so go watch it now or else you wont get ther chance.

Got banned from posting

2008-02-24 14:39:47 by pablo-caballero

I just found out I got banned from posting at NG forums.

Reason for ban: Thread: 41 62 Spam. You lose. lol.

? That thread doesn't even exist. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME ??


Got banned from posting

LOL, Random Picture

2008-02-23 18:29:24 by pablo-caballero

... ?